David Ogden

David Ogden

David Ogden

Hello I am David Ogden, I teach first aid, fire and advanced medical courses, my career in fire and medical services began back in 1995 when I joined North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service at Skipton, where I attended many incidents and developed some very useful firefighting and rescue skills.

I became very interested in casualty care whilst in the fire service and subsequently became a first aid and trauma instructor, along with being promoted to Crew Manager.

I did more and more casualty care and I found my career path changing, I decided to move across to the ambulance service as an ambulance technician and worked on emergency frontline ambulances across the Yorkshire region.

As a response to the rise in terrorism in the UK, the government realised that the ambulance service was ill equipped to deal with major incidents, arising from both terrorism and accidental causes, so they formed a specialist group of ambulance staff called the Hazardous Area Response Team (HART).  With my previous experience in the fire service I was selected by the Yorkshire ambulance service to be a member of their team.

The HART training was very intense and diverse, it involved obtaining a degree in paramedic science with advanced clinical training as well as specialist rescue techniques, rope rescue, water rescue and firearms/explosive safety, I continued to work with the HART team whilst starting to teach others, passing on skills and experience gained over the previous 20 years.

Stephen Giles

Stephen Giles

Stephen Giles

Steve started his medical career back in 1987 working as a medic in the Royal Army Medical Corps. In 1992 Steve joined the Yorkshire ambulance service & worked as a paramedic, paramedic mentor & paramedic clinical supervisor.

Whilst working as a paramedic Steve completed a Certificate in Education & gained a BA (Hons) in Education & Training. After a unblemished career working for the NHS, Steve left the ambulance service to concentrate on his teaching career and Quality Assurance in the Pre Hospital care industry.

Steve has now joined our team as a freelance instructor, bringing with him all his experience as a paramedic and as an educationalist.

Mali Chamley

Mali Chamley

Mali Chamley

My name is Mali Chamley and I have been a Paramedic for about 20 years.

I have travelled as a Paramedic and have worked in Gibraltar, Yorkshire and in the South of England. I have been a Paramedic mentor to students and a Clinical Team Educator.

My teaching role developed through being a Paramedic in Gibraltar and I undertook a Post Graduate Certificate in teaching and worked for Sheffield and Birmingham Universities as an Associate Lecturer for over 6 years.

I have sat as a magistrate for eight years, but am currently on sabbatical as I have taken time out to branch into other areas of health care work.

I am a qualified Disability Analyst and work for both the NHS and for private companies.

I have a Master’s module in Research and work as an Internal Quality Assurance on a freelance basis.

I have a growing family and spend most of my ‘time off’ enjoying the outdoors; walking and tending to my field, which I have recently started a small Orchard to encourage bees into the area.


Hi, I am Shirley, I am a qualified nurse with over 35 years working for the NHS, mostly in hospitals.

As part of my role I have had the pleasure of teaching Student Nurses and Health Care Assistants.

This involved additional training in Teaching and Assessing skills which have been put to further use in my “off duty” time where I have volunteered as a scout leader and have taught first responding and first aid to youth’s and adults alike.

In the past couple of years I have changed to a part time role in the NHS and have been lucky enough to spend time working at various events throughout the country and work with Dave, Steve and Mali, teaching first aid and first response courses here in Skipton.

Being able to watch Student Nurses and Health care Assistants develop and grow in confidence and skill level still gives me great pleasure and it is great to see the same confidence in our first aid students when they complete their course with us.

We hope to see you on a course soon!

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